Activity Circle Blog

Helping Florrie connect with others
Added Date: 12th July 2018

I have decided to create a blog about my project; circles of support, to share stories about what I get up to. I want to give people a true insight into my world of circles. We have many different types of circles of support happening all over the borough, from crisis circles to community circles, supporting people in many different ways. Today’s blog will look at Florrie’s circle which has now been established for almost a year.

Florrie had asked for a circle of support as she had been feeling isolated, and although she is an independent lady, Florrie felt that a circle of support may give her some encouragement and ideas to reach her goals. When I first met Florrie, I knew straight away that I would love working with her. She instantly welcomed me into her home, and is a pleasant, honest lady. I explained to Florrie how a circle of support would benefit her, and looked at what we could achieve if we all worked together, rather than her feeling isolated, dealing with things al...

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Activity Circle Blog

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