Adventure Service Challenge

This is an inclusive 16 week course aimed at teaching young people between the ages of 8-13 a variety of life skills, working to gain certificates and badges.  The activities are varied and include First Aid, Crafts, The Living World, and Local People to name a few.

A little bit about the Adventure ServiceChallenge

The ASC scheme is complete in itself. It is also designed to prepare young people for the Duke of Edinburgh's Award. In fact, the DofE Award HQ recommends ASC for that purpose.

ASC is not a youth movement. It is an organised, structured, yet flexible and adaptable scheme of activities. It is multi-faith and open to all cultures. It is unique in that it offers its services to leaders and teachers who wish to meet the needs of a wide ability range of young people. Those taking part are not in competition with each other, their progress is assessed on the measure of their own personal experience.

adventure photo