circles of support

What is a Circle of Support

A Circle of Support is a great way to build a support network around someone that is vulnerable in any way. We work closely with the person at the focus of the Circle to really get to know them, and establish exactly how a Circle can have a positive influence on their life. The Circle can identify issues/concerns and explore a range of possible solutions, help to achieve ambitions and goals, whilst building up a network of people to provide continuous support. We will invite key people to be part of the Circle; this could be family members, friends, neighbours and professionals, who will then work together to build and develop a steady support system.

We will appoint a facilitator to guide the conversations between the Circle members to get to the root of why a Circle is necessary, and how to make things better. Working with the facilitator, the group will create and carry out a plan for the future, in order to achieve the best possible outcomes. Each Circle is very different, which enables us to really adapt this to each individual, and improve people’s lives in various ways.

Circles of support are made up of people that can already be in a person's life:

Love - People who are close to you and are in your life because they love you.

Friendship - Anyone you have built a friendship with and feel close to.

Association - People outside your love network but a part of your life.

Paid - People who are paid to be in your life and help you.

a circle of support

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